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    UHU 064061 Super Glue Gel 3g 3-64061

    Product Code: ED41557
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    • For use on numerous surfaces
    • Transparent liquid adhesive
    • Does not drip
    • Volume: 3g
    • Fast, extra strong permanent bonding
    • Temporarily adjustable whilst drying
    • Ideal for porous materials and vertical surfaces

Product Details

Product Information

Brand UHU
Type Adhesives


This extra strong adhesive is ideal for small area bonds. It will bond almost all solid and flexible materials like many plastics including rigid PVC, ABS, PS, Plexiglas, polycarbonate (Makrolon), and phenolic resins (Bakelite)), porcelain, ceramics, leather, metal, wood, cork, felt, cloth and rubber. Only partially suitable for glass because over a period of time, the bond may become brittle. Supplied in a 3g tube.

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